Our Apps

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CU Study Skills

We care about the success of every student, so we have put study skill tips right into our students' hands...er, voice. Students can ask a range of topics, including "How do I complete tests on time?" or "How do I create the best study group?"

CU Faculty Development

Academic success starts with faculty preparation for teaching and learning. The CU Faculty Development app allows faculty to ask for evidence-based tips on any number of topics, including preparing for lecture or small group, or giving effective feedback. We also have tips for health professions education, including teaching at the bedside or on rounds. 

CU Physical Therapy Anatomy Lab

The PT Anatomy Lab Tutor helps coach learners to success during anatomy dissection by being able to ask several types of dissection-related questions, including: basic anatomical structures, superficial and deep structures to the dissection, innervation, and the relationships between muscles.